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Ugly Head is a collective group of business models, that provide artist management, production services, Marketing and PR, a Video Platform and studio facilities.

Although Ugly Head is a multi-faceted company it spans across many levels of media, The video platform is run by small team who work on web-based content, generally with a new music angle. 

As a management company the goal is to be in tune to the excitement of the streets.  We try and find people who have a raw and unpolished sound and persona that we think can capture an audience and section of society that will totally get it.  The starting point is to always find a market for the artists sound and provide the right tools to make a mark in the scene

Ugly head is not however restricted to just music and is heavily involved in creative content whether it be shining a light on up and coming actors, novelists, musician,s or hosting thought provoking shows or comedy sketches.

UGLY HEAD stands for - U GOTTA LOVE YOURSELF, HELP EVERYONE ACHIEVE DREAMS, we practice and preach this motif.